Best Vegetable Spiralizers

Have a Healthier Diet With the Spiral Vegetable Slicer

We are most likely mindful that having a healthier diet would involve having more vegetables in our plates. On the other hand, in contrast to our typical diet, the vegetables are not always so enticing. I would like to present to you a simple kitchen tool that will make the preparation of vegetables more fun and eating these healthy foods a lot easier. It is known as the spiral vegetable slicer.

The spiral vegetable slicer lets anyone even the kids to generate long spirals of zucchini, for instance. It is so fun to twist the zucchini in the Vegetable Spiralizer and generate long spirals. And these spirals can be utilized as a healthy replacement for the spaghetti noodles. And you can combine them together with the other vegetable spirals in wraps, on the other hand, another means to improve your vegetable intake is to add some soup in it either canned or homemade.


The spiral vegetable slicer is created from a strong plastic and it has two various size slicing blades so that you can generate skinny or fat ones. It is just the suitable size to place in the drawer or cupboard - always handy in doing some instant slicing. In addition, it is so easy to clean. Just swish it under your faucet for a couple of times to take away the vegetable noodle debris, then place it in the dishwasher or you can dry it first before keeping it in your cupboard or drawer.


This kind of spiral vegetable slicer is so easy to use, on the other hand, makes it so fun to slice up the vegetables that you perhaps don't want to eat. The kids and even the adults can spiral slice the carrots for their snack or meal. You can even slice the zucchini and place it in your hamburger instead of lettuce. You can make vegetable noodles out of your zucchini and just steam them a little in order to soften them. Then you can add your spaghetti sauce in it. It will not taste much different form a pasta and you will definitely feel good about consuming a more balanced and healthier diet. You can surely allow your imagination to go with regards to what type of vegetable you should slice and how you are going to use them, you can slice zucchini squash as well as carrots, on the other hand, sweet potatoes and beets as well. Get information from the site of Paderno World Cuisine